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Standby Electricity Generators





standby generatorThe best option in the event of a blackout is a backup generator. Backup generators keep your home and your family safe in the event of a prolonged electricity outage. In winter homes are at risk of flooding through either no power to the sump pump or frozen pipes. Forced air heating systems such as a gas furnaces, oil furnaces or propane furnaces will not work without power so the best solution for maintaining you and your families in comfort during a blackout is to install a backup generator.
Backup generators have improved significantly in recent years with the very latest models having the following features:

  • Natural gas or propane
  • Able to automatically start within seconds of a loss of power
  • Supply power without any intervention required
  • Shut down automatically when the power is restored
  • Available in a range of sizes to power everything in your home or just the essentials (sump pump, freezer, heating system)
  • Mobile Link - enables you to monitor your generator from a pc, tablet or cellphone
  • Protects your home, even when you are away

It may not be possible to predict the exact nature of the next emergency but it's a pretty safe bet there will be one. RB can provide expert advice to ensure that you and your family are well informed and better prepared.