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If your furnace could talk, what would it say?

It would remember all the times it kept your family warm and cozy. It would also remind you to schedule a precision tune-up for just $59.99*.

Although it’s alone in your basement, your furnace is a key part of your family’s cold weather memories. It was there when you:

  • Cuddled under the blankets watching a comforting movie.
  • Stared out the window watching the snow fall.
  • Gathered at the table to enjoy Sunday dinner.
  • Planning and anticipating family and friends visiting during the holiday season.

Now, your furnace may not say much, but when it’s working to keep your family warm, that’s all that really matters to you and to us.

That’s why you should subscribe to a WeCare Maintenance Plan. 

When you do, you can schedule a precision tune-up from McCrea's ClimateCare for only $59.99 to keep your furnace in tip-top shape and your memories warm.

What does a $59.99 precision tune-up include?

As a WeCare Maintenance subscriber, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that when Old Man Winter is doing its worst, your furnace will be at its best thanks to a precision tune-up which includes:

  • Air filter (replace if needed)
  • Blower assembly
  • Fans
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Other components
  • Pipe fittings
  • Gas supply lines
  • Electrical connections
  • Wiring
  • Heat exchanger (for cracks and corrosion)
  • System inspection
  • 26 point maintenance checklist

In addition, should repairs ever be required, you’ll receive an exclusive discount on regular labour rates which are not available to non-WeCare Maintenance members and priority service.

One more thing your furnace will say: Thank you.

Once your furnace has been precisely tuned-up, it won’t struggle to keep your family cozy and warm. Nor will it cause your monthly hydro bills to rise.

Instead, your furnace will be running efficiently all fall and winter long as it delivers safe, clean, and reliable heat.

And it’ll thank you for it.

To get your furnace ready for the cold weather, contact us today.

* The price of $59.99 is offered on an initial furnace precision tune up when you subscribe to a monthly We Care maintenance plan starting as low as $9.99 per month

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