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Geothermal Heating and Cooling


Why consider installing a Geothermal heating, cooling and hot water system?


  1. Compared to ordinary furnaces and air conditioners, a Water Furnace can provide energy savings of up to 70%. (WaterFurnace is a leading manufacturer of geothermal systems that both heat and cool homes). Very popular in local communities such as Manotick, Greely, Kars and Kemptville.
  2. The most efficient gas furnaces today deliver 98% of the energy that they are supplied with, geothermal systems deliver an efficiency that translates to 500% because additional "free" energy is extracted from the ground.

geothermal energy explained

  1. Energy is extracted from the ground using an Earth loop

Geothermal earth loop

Earth loops can be horizontal, vertical or coiled in ponds or lakes. In certain instances open loops can utilize well water.

  1. A single water furnace can provide both heating and cooling, with optional hot water assist(using hot water supplied by the geothermal system to fill a hot water tank and supplement, for example, a tankless water heater) 

geothermal heating and cooling comparison

  1. For a personalized estimate of how much you can save try our Geothermal savings estimator remember, payback is often achieved within a few years.
  2. The ultimate Environmentally Friendly solution. The ground absorbs 47% of the sun's energy and geothermal systems harness that energy to heat and cool your home. Installing a geothermal system is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing 2 cars from the road every year.


 RB Heating ClimateCare has more than 2 decades of experience in Geothermal systems, and have installed and serviced hundreds of systems in Ontario, specializing in Manotick, Greely, Kars and Kemptville and surrounding area. Why not give one of our experts a call and see if geothermal heating and cooling is an option for your home or business.

Save Money. Environmentally Friendly. A more Comfortable Home!