Is furnace maintenance really necessary? Yes, it is important to keep your furnace in good working condition. 

While many HVAC technicians may focus on getting your furnace maintained in the fall, and they have good intentions, really you can do furnace maintenance at any time of the year. While fall is convenient to ensure your furnace works through winter, it isn’t strictly necessary. Whenever is convenient for you works for your furnace, as long as you are regularly getting the maintenance done once per year. 

Why is it so important to get furnace maintenance yearly? Here are 5 reasons why furnace maintenance is so important.  

1. Keep Your Costs Low 

Your furnace has a big job to do. Heating your whole home can be expensive, but your furnace’s efficiency keeps that as low as possible. When you invest in maintenance, you keep your furnace as efficient as possible. Any problems or small issues that would undermine its efficiency will be resolved in maintenance. You’d be surprised at how much extra a poorly maintained furnace can end up costing you in utility bills. But we can help you avoid that with yearly maintenance. 

2. Avoid Repairs 

Furnace repairs can add up and, worse, they tend to crop upright when it is getting cold outside. Maintenance can help you avoid those repairs. By keeping your furnace in better condition, you’ll run into far fewer problems. You’ll avoid major repairs caused by neglect. This can actually save you money in the long term, even when you consider what you’re paying for the maintenance. 

3. Prevent Breakdowns 

Why is it that furnaces seem to break down on the coldest days? Furnaces that are kept in poor condition are more liable to give out when they are running most, which is when it is coldest out. This puts you in a bad spot, as you need heat, and end up paying for emergency repairs or even replacement. We want to help you avoid that with preventative maintenance. Sometimes during a maintenance visit, we can even alert you if your furnace is old and we feel like it may be on its last legs and in need of replacement. 

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4. Consistent Heating 

Furnaces in good condition distribute their heat more evenly through the home. The fan works properly, and the furnace delivers enough heat. This helps prevent cold spots and makes your home more consistently comfortable. 

5. Peace of Mind 

When your furnace is maintained regularly, you’ll get professional advice from HVAC technicians who really care about your comfort, your monthly utility bill, and helping you avoid repairs and sudden breakdowns. It is better for our business, and our reputation, when your furnace is well taken care of. And that translates into a lot of peace of mind for you. 

Do you have questions about the importance of furnace maintenance? Or are you looking to schedule your next maintenance appointment? Contact RB Heating ClimateCare for help. 

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