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With cold weather soon approaching, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your home’s boiler. Whether your current boiler needs replacing, repairs or has been raising your monthly bills, you should consider investing in a high-efficiency boiler.  

What is a high-efficiency boiler?  

A high-efficiency boiler is similar to standard boilers except for one main contrast that puts it above other boilers.   

All boilers heat water with the help of radiators, radiant floor systems, or a coil. This water is transferred around your house to bring warm water to showers, washers, sinks, and more. However, during the combustion process, some of this energy escapes.  

How does it work?  

A high-efficiency boiler works slightly differently than standard boilers, which brings forth the benefits. High-efficiency boilers are manufactured to keep as much heat in as possible. While every boiler has combustion chambers where some heat creeps out, a high-efficiency boiler has these chambers and flue passages surrounded by water.  

This design allows the escaped energy, also known as flue gas, to be redirected through ‘condensing’ so that it can be transferred back into the water reservoir.  Moreover, this key difference has plenty of other benefits!  

1. High-Efficiency Boilers are Reliable 

Since high-efficiency boilers have been designed to conserve most of the energy they produce, they are typically more reliable than other boilers. You can count on one to properly warm your home because the purposeful design leaves little room for energy to escape.  

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2. High-Efficiency Boilers are Energy Efficient 

These boilers are energy efficient due to their design. By installing energy loss prevention mechanisms, most input energy is put to use, which results in maximum efficiency for every cycle. There is no extra energy exertion required to make up for a single cycle, as would be done for a standard boiler. In fact, the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) score of a high-efficiency boiler ranks at 90%!  

3. High-Efficiency Boilers Save Money and Last 

Perhaps one of the most attractive conveniences is how the high-efficiency boiler will save you money. While a high-efficiency boiler can be costly (between $6,000 and $9,000), it’s a one-time expense. Since the high-efficiency boiler utilizes most of its energy, it’s not only energy efficient but also makes the most out of the money you put towards it.  

Every dollar spent is equivalent to the boiler’s output. Additionally, purchasing a high-efficiency boiler is a strong investment. When properly maintained, it can last between 15 and 20 years, while a standard boiler only lasts 10-15 years.  

4. High-Efficiency Boilers Have a Convenient Installation Process   

Efficient boilers are also easier to install than other boilers. Their design is smaller, lighter and compatible with PVC, CPVC, and other flexible pipes. High-efficiency boilers are perfect for all homes, with or without chimneys, and have the capability to hook up to any outside wall with their power vent feature.  

RB Heating ClimateCare can make purchasing and installation a breeze with their well-experienced team. Reach out today to talk with a specialist about their high-rated services.  

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