Changing furnace filter

You’ve noticed that you haven’t changed your air filters in a year. Should you? There are many parts of your home, from your air conditioner to your air purifier, that needs filters. You can’t run an air conditioner or furnace without a filter, and you shouldn’t run one with a clogged or seriously full filter either. The same goes for other HVAC equipment and especially air purifiers. Here are the signs that you need to change your home air filter and what can happen if you don’t.

1. There is Extra Dust in Your Home

Typically, the filters in your air conditioner, furnace and other units will pick up some amount of dust, in order to keep it from the unit’s inner workings. If you’ve noticed that your house has started to gather more dust than normal it could be because your filters are no longer picking it up.

2. There are Smells Near the Filters

Overfull filters, especially those near moisture, can end up growing some gross things. Bacteria, mould and fungi are real possibilities, and they often smell. If you’re catching a bad smell near your filters, it’s time to change them out. And, if it turns out it wasn’t the filters, it could be the drainage line off your air conditioner. We can help you with that.

3. Your Energy Bills are Rising

When your HVAC units have full filters their airflow is compromised. It’s harder for them to get cool or hot air further through the ducting. That means they end up generating even more conditioned air to try to get your home up to temperature. This can cause an increase in your utility bills.

Need help changing your furnace filter? We offer maintenance plans that cover this and much more. Contact us today to learn how RB Heating can help!

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4. Increase in Allergy Symptoms

When it comes to air purifiers, your filters are your best defence against allergens. If you’ve noticed an otherwise unexplained increase in your allergy symptoms and you haven’t attended to the air purifier filters, it is time to change them out. Some people need to do this every two or three months.

5. Hot or Cold Spots

Clogged filters may cause cold or hot spots in your home, depending on the season.


What Can Happen If You Don’t Change Your Air Filter?

Can your air filter make you sick? Usually, no, even a clogged air filter will not make you sick unless it starts to grow mould or bacteria that you are sensitive to or which are pathogens. It is much more likely that not changing your air filter will result in these consequences:

  • Your air quality will drop
  • The unit will use more energy
  • The unit will be at greater risk of repairs or breakdowns
  • The unit will have a shorter lifespan

Worried about the performance of your HVAC system? Then you need to talk to the HVAC experts at RB Heating ClimateCare today to get help.

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