Details of the GreenOn Geothermal Rebates up to $20,000

GreenON Geothermal Rebates Program – Now available

A wide range of rebates are available for homeowners looking to build new custom homes or upgrade their existing systems. To qualify homeowners must work with a participating contrcator such as RB heating and in the case of geothermal ground loop the contractor must have IGHSA design and installation qualifications and/or experience. Broadly the categories that receive sunstantial rebates are:

  1. New geothermal earth closed loop system – rebates up to $20,000 towards the new geothermal system installed cost
  2. Existing geothermal systems with heat pumps over 20 years old – rebates of up to $4500 towards a replacement heat pump
  3. Existing geothermal system in need of ground loop repair – rebates of up to $4500 towards a replacement ground loop
  4. New air source heat pump system for your custom new home or uprading your existing system – rebates of up to $5,800 are available towards the installation of a air source heat pump
  5. Considering replacing your ac with an air source heat pump – rebates of up to $5,500 are available

Both ductless and ducted air source heat pumps are covered including the latest cold climate air source heat pumps.

Details of the announcement on ground source geothermal is here.

Working with a participating contractor such as RB is a necessary condition to qualify for the rebates, but unlike other programs pre and post Energy audits are not required.

If past experience is anything to go by demand for this program will be extremely high and these rebates are substantial. Homeowners that have put off installing geothermal will likely reconsider once they hear how much improved the payback is with rebates of ths magnitude applied.

I recommend you call as soon as possible to arrange a quote and discuss the options that best apply to your home and family.

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