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Your air ducts are the square metal pipes that carry air from your furnace or your air conditioner throughout your home. Just like the rest of your home, they can get dusty, and collect debris, allergens, mold, and bacteria. However, because you can’t see them, it can be hard to tell if your ducts need cleaning. Thankfully, there are signs that don’t require you to open up a register and get out a flashlight. Here is how to tell if your ducts need cleaning.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Here are the signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned:

  1. Air registers have collected dust, debris, and dirt. This is a sign that there is dirt in the air ducts.
  2. There is mold or other growth in the vents. You might notice a mildew smell from the vents, or mold may be visible.
  3. You have a rodent or insect infestation and reason to believe they have been in the ducts. Both like to shelter in vents because they are warm and can be used to travel the house. 
  4. Air filters get dirty faster than normal. This is a sign that the ducts are bringing dirt to the filters.
  5. Energy bills are rising for no discernable reason. This may be a sign that the air ducts are dirty, although there are many other reasons this may be the case.
  6. Vents collect dirt, dust, or spew it out visibly.
  7. Unexplained respiratory issues for those who live in the house may be a sign of air quality issues that dirty vents contribute to.

When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? If it’s been a while, we suggest you call our HVAC professionals at RB Heating ClimateCare today.

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Other Reasons to Clean Your Ducts

There are a few circumstances when it’s wise to clean your ducts even if you haven’t noticed the above signs:

  • You just moved in: Who knows when the ducts were cleaned last or what’s in them? A clean-out is a wise precaution.
  • It’s a new home: New homes generate a lot of dust and other air quality issues from construction and settling.
  • You’ve done some renovations: Renovations will create dust and other debris so it’s best to remove it from your dust instead of letting it circulate.
  • You develop respiratory issues: If you or someone who you live with has respiratory problems, having better air quality can help reduce their symptoms.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Ducts

There are several potential benefits you can get from cleaning your ducts:

  • Better air quality
  • Better airflow through the system
  • Improved efficiency of your HVAC appliances

Breathing clean air is a top priority when you are spending most of your day indoors. Have your ducts inspected and cleaned by the experts at RB Heating ClimateCare. Contact us today.

Article updated, 07/2023.

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