Central Boilers in Kemptville with Big Benefits for Your Home

central boiler kemptville

Less Energy Use, Same Warm Home

Simply put, central boilers are a smart choice for homeowners. Boilers provide reliable heating that is still energy efficient. A central boiler accomplishes both these goals by producing less emissions than furnaces and fireplaces, which means they keep more heat in your home overall.

How Do Central Boilers Work?

Boiler heaters can be gas or electrically powered. They heat water that is funneled through your home through pipes and into radiators or via other systems which release heat into the rest of your house.

The high efficiency boilers offered by RB Heating are high-quality and extract more heat from their fuel sources than other models. You won’t have to worry about your utility costs when you choose a boiler from RB Heating.

Also, unlike furnaces, fireplaces, or other home heating systems, boilers don’t require chimneys. This means they are higher efficiency systems because they prevent heat from escaping your home.

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Why Choose RB Heating for Your New Boiler Installation?

  • RB Heating has been dedicated to the Kemptville area for years, so we understand the challenges you face in keeping your home warm.
  • We’re RHDT Certified (HRAI Certified Residential Hydronic Design) Technicians, which means we maximize design efficiencies to save you money.
  • We’re dedicated to customer service, professionalism, and honest communication. Just check out our reviews.
  • Our expert team members have hundreds of years of experience combined, so you can be sure we’ll install your boiler correctly, the first time.
  • We’ve joined the ClimateCare co-operative, a group of expert independent HVAC technicians, to offer you better service and quality for all your HVAC needs including high efficiency boilers.

Choose us for your central boiler in Kemptville and surrounding areas.

Save with Our WE CARE Maintenance Plan

Scheduling regular maintenance with our R.B. We Care Planned Maintenance Program will not only help keep your system up to date and protected but will also identify any issues before they become bigger headaches and costly breakdowns. Visit our Maintenance section to learn more about the benefits and why this is an affordable option to give you total peace of mind.

Let the experts at RB Heating help guide you in choosing the best home heating system option for your home, from fireplaces to furnaces and central boilers.

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