Benefits of Heat Pumps for Your Home

Reduce Your Energy Usage in Winter and Summer with High Efficiency Heat Pumps

An air conditioner isn’t your only choice to cool your home in the summer.

Many homeowners are searching for a more efficient and environmentally friendly option than air conditioners. At RB Heating, heat pumps are an ideal option for many customers. These clever appliances work in both the winter and summer to move heat in or out of your home. By taking the pressure off of your other HVAC appliances, they help your furnace and air conditioners last longer—if you still end up needing either one after installing a heat pump.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are innovative new appliances that can move heat either into or out of your home using the air outside. In summer, they push heat out of your home and, through the exhaust system, release it outside. In winter, the process works in reverse to push cool air out.

The true zero point, or the point at which there is no heat in the air, is well below zero degrees Celsius. Even on the coldest Kemptville winter day, there is still heat for your heat pump to move into your home to keep you nice and toasty.

At RB Heating, we also have ductless heat pumps that don’t rely on a forced-air system to blow hot or cold air through your home. As a result, they help limit the spread of allergens and improve your air quality.

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Why Choose RB Heating for Your Heat Pump?

Heat pump ClimateCare

  • We offer high efficiency heat pumps, including ductless heat pumps, that can keep your home at the perfect temperature for less money.
  • We offer routine maintenance packages to help you get the most out of your heat pump.
  • We take pride in offering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with our customers. You can expect honesty and clear communication from our professionals every step of the way.
  • We’re the biggest HVAC company in Kemptville and have served the community for many years. We want everyone in our town to have the right HVAC products for their specific needs.

Reach out to us at RB Heating for more information on heat pumps in Kemptville and surrounding areas.

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