Dependable Air Conditioner Repairs When You Need Them Most

Is there anything more uncomfortable than a hot house? If you need your air conditioner repaired, you want it done quickly, with a reliable company that you can trust to do it right. RB Heating offers professional AC repair services to Kemptville and surrounding areas.

Call us 24/7 for emergency air conditioner repair service. Our expert repair team will get there quickly and assess your air conditioner for problems in moments. Rest easy knowing that we won’t start repairs until you’re satisfied with our diagnosis and have provided you with an idea of how much the repairs will cost. With your approval, our team will get to work. You’ll have a cool house much faster than you thought you would.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

There are many signs that your air conditioner needs repair, even if it seems to be running. Watch out for these warnings that your air conditioner isn’t working properly:

  • Wet spots or leaks: Air conditioners shouldn’t create condensation or outright leaks. If yours is making a mess, it’s not cooling as much as it should and should be fixed quickly to avoid further issues and damage.
  • Unusual noises: Grinding, vibrating and squeaking are all signs that something has gone wrong in your air conditioner and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Cold air doesn’t go as far: If your air conditioner is making cool air, but the air isn’t going as far as it used to, the fan is likely broken.
  • Hot spots in the home: Unless the hot spot is next to a sunny window, your air conditioner is probably to blame and the cool air isn’t circulating as it should.
  • Increasing utility costs: If your air conditioner is less efficient than it used to be, it’s better to get it fixed to help avoid a higher utility bill.
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Air Conditioner Maintenance

At RB Heating, we know that air conditioner maintenance helps our customers get the most value out of their air conditioner. A simple maintenance check-up can prevent repairs, extend your air conditioner’s lifespan, and make your home even cooler. Plus, we’ll clean out your air conditioner filter and be sure it isn’t creating humidity, to protect your air quality.

We recommend getting your air conditioner maintained at least once a year, generally in the spring before the hot weather begins.

Receive 15% Off of AC Repairs

As a WeCare Maintenance Plan member, you automatically receive a 15% discount when it’s time for your air conditioner to be repaired. Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a member and other protection plans available for your HVAC system.

Why Choose RB Heating for Your Air Conditioner Repair?

  • We’re the largest HVAC company in Kemptville but take pride in being a family run business. We care about every member of our community.
  • Together, our expert team has hundreds of years of combined experience. We have the knowledge to fix any air conditioner problem.
  • We’re dependable and honest. If it will be cheaper for you in the long run to replace your air conditioner instead of repairing it, we’ll let you know.

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