High Quality Furnace Repair

Thinking of putting off repairing your furnace? A broken furnace can be a real danger to you and your family, especially during the winter. That’s why it’s important to have it looked at as soon as you notice an issue. If you need emergency furnace repair and heat quickly, call us now. We are available 24/7 for emergency furnace repair in Kemptville and surrounding areas.

Our expert team members arrive quickly and will figure out what’s wrong with your furnace within moments. We’re dedicated to customer service, so we make sure you understand what work your furnace will need, and what it will cost, before we start. In the end, you’ll have a repaired furnace that you can trust—all with minimal headache.

Does Your Furnace Need Repair?

Here are some of the key signs that your furnace needs repair:

  • Turns on and off before your home is the right temperature.
  • Increase in utility bills from poor efficiency.
  • Makes a bang or other noise when it turns on.
  • Unusual smells, or stuffy air in the home.
  • Cold spots or colder rooms than others in the home.

Stay on the lookout for these signs and don’t hesitate to call us if you’re not sure if your furnace is operating normally. As heating repair experts, we’re happy to help you understand your heating system better.

Act Now to Get 15% Off Your Furnace Repair

As a WeCare Maintenance Plan member, you automatically receive a 15% discount when it’s time for your furnace to be repaired. Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a member and other protection plans available for your HVAC system.

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

The expert team at RB Heating also offers furnace maintenance and recommends making an appointment for service at least once a year. A maintained furnace is important when it comes to protecting your health and safety.

During this check-up, we will perform dozens of tasks on various parts of your furnace to be sure it’s all working properly. We’ll also clean out your filter, which should dramatically improve the air quality in your home. This simple maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace running and make the most of your investment in it.

Why Choose RB Heating for Your Furnace Repair?

  • Change to we provide, electrical, propane, natural gas and oil furnace repair service.
  • Our furnace repair service team has hundreds of years of experience between them and finds problems faster than the competition.
  • We’re dedicated to our customers and it shows. We are part of the Baeumler Approved program and proud members of the ClimateCare Co-Operative.

Contact RB Heating today for furnace repair in Kemptville and surrounding areas.

Request a service call from RB Heating ClimateCare’s service specialist. Emergency service available 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. After hours calls are responded to within 60 minutes – guaranteed!
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