Energy Bills/Statements with Calculator - 4 Major Warning Signs Your Furnace Might Be Leaking Carbon Monoxide

A functioning furnace is essential for comfort in the colder months. However, when they malfunction, they can present grave dangers like carbon monoxide (CO) leaks—a silent and lethal hazard. Being alert to the warning signs can make all the difference. Here are four major signs you should be vigilant about before the alarm sounds.  

1. Unusual Sights Around the Furnace 

Heavy condensation on windows near the furnace or yellow or brown stains around the unit might indicate incomplete combustion, a potential source of CO. A pilot light turning yellow, as opposed to the conventional blue, could also signal that the furnace is not burning properly, leading to carbon monoxide production. Frequent pilot light blowouts or evident rust on the vent pipe should also raise alarms. 

2. Unexpected Smells  

Any peculiar smells that remind you of gas or something burning should be taken seriously. While carbon monoxide itself is odourless, these associated symptoms could be indicative of a faulty furnace generating this dangerous gas. 

3. Unexplained Increase in Energy Bills 

An unexpected hike in energy bills could mean your furnace is not working efficiently. Such inefficiencies could arise from a variety of problems, some of which might lead to CO production 

4. Inconsistent Heating & Humidity 

A furnace that’s not producing as much flame as it used to, or one that heats your space inconsistently, can be a sign of incomplete combustion. Also, a stuffy feeling indoors, especially when the furnace is active, could hint at CO’s presence. 

Your Safety is Our Priority at RB Heating 

At RB Heating, we place your safety above all else. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it’s imperative to act without delay. Contact our expert technicians for a comprehensive inspection, and let us ensure your heating system operates perfectly and safely. With us, warmth comes hand in hand with peace of mind. 

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