What is a modulating furnace?

Why should I consider buying a modulating furnace?

When it comes to replacing your furnace your choice of furnace will make a significant difference to the money you will save. It’s easy to think of two reasons why you might want to consider your options carefully.

Your Gas Bill
Your Hydro Bill

We are all too aware that Ontario Electricity bills have increased 50% over the last 3 years and that in 2017 a carbon tax (sorry, cap and trade system) will also be applied to both electricity and gas prices.

Expect energy costs to rise

considerably over the lifetime of your new furnace and regularly serviced

furnaces last a long time

We regularly come across furnaces that we installed in our early years, some are 15-20 years old and still going strong. Needless to say the gas furnaces we installed back then, and probably the one you have in your basement are not the same as the latest models. Around 12 years is the recommended replacement time and 12 years of gas and hydro bills amounts to a lot of money. Because of the technology improvements in gas furnaces it pays to invest a bit more now to save over the long term. The latest technology is known as “fully modulating furnaces” and here is why it matters to you.

As always as your local heating and cooling experts we would be delighted to discuss your options including if a modulating furnace is right for you.

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