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In the summer, the average homeowner sets their air conditioner to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius. But is that best? And should you change what you set your temperature to depending on what system you have? Homeowners with ductless mini splits and those with central air will find their answers here.

Temperatures to Save Money

Ultimately, when you’re choosing where to set your thermostat in the summer you’re trying to balance your personal comfort with your energy usage. While most homeowners report that they are most comfortable at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, energy authorities will recommend temperatures as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit in order to save money.

Doing some quick conversions over to Celsius, you’ll see that this range is to 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. Putting your air conditioner at the highest number would mean it would only turn on during some of our hottest days of the summer. Most homeowners would not be happy with this heat. However, you could try experimenting by turning your air conditioner up from 22 degrees Celsius by a degree a day. Find out where you can be comfortable and still save some money.

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Ductless Mini Split Systems 

Ductless mini-split cooling systems measure heat several feet up in the air. As heat rises, this higher measurement spot may mean that your system reads a higher temperature than a traditional thermostat, even in the same room. So, if you set your system to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you may end up being much colder, maybe even too cold.

How do you know where you should set the system? Try increasing the temperature to see what you can be comfortable with. Let yourself adjust by about a degree per day. You’ll eventually find a temperature that you’re not comfortable with, and you’ll know to back down by a degree. You may find that this is a higher temperature than you’d set a central air conditioner system to.

Likely this is also a lower temperature than you will set the same ductless mini-split system to in the winter. While you have only one unit for heating and cooling, you will still likely end up adjusting your temperature through the seasons. Just as homeowners with more traditional HVAC systems will set their furnace to 74 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and air conditioner to 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, you may find yourself making seasonal adjustments to make your transition outside and back in better.

Zone Cooling Systems

What if your ductless air conditioner is part of a zone cooling system? Then you should set only the zone that you’re in to the temperature you want. The other zones might remain hot, or just cooled to a bare minimum temperature.

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