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If you used your smart thermostat to save money while you’re at work, but now you work from home, you might be looking for new ways to save energy. Now you’ll need to run your furnace all day to be comfortable. Plus, running a desktop, or even a laptop at home will also soak up some energy. Here are a few ways you can try to make up for the shortfall.

1. Watch Out for Ghost Power

All of the things you have plugged in draw small amounts of power even when they are turned off. This is called ghost power. You can save this power if you unplug everything when you’re done using it. And, now that you may have more technology running in the house during the day, it’s wise to install a power bar in your office, so you can turn it all off and unplug it easily when you’re done your workday.

2. Manage Lighting in Your Home

Sometimes light can help, and sometimes light can hurt your efficiency efforts, it all depends on the season. In the summer, you’ll want to shut the curtains to prevent heat from coming into the home. That way, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder than it has to.

In the winter, you should do the opposite, allowing as much sun as possible into your home to add heat and reduce the strain on your furnace.

Managing artificial light is also helpful. Turn off the lights in any rooms you’re not using throughout the day. It doesn’t help much as compared to other efficiency efforts, but it’s something.

To learn more about saving energy in your home while you work from home, contact us today!

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3. Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

You can use much less energy and get a lower utility bill when you invest in better equipment. The latest furnaces are much better than the models sold only a few years ago. They use as much as 99% of their energy to create heat. With much less waste, they need less energy. You can create savings with better air conditioners too.

4. Schedule HVAC Maintenance and Change Filters

If buying new equipment is out of your price range right now, there are still things you can do to make your HVAC systems more efficient. Regular, yearly, maintenance will keep it running smoothly and reduce the odds of major repairs or an early breakdown.

During your HVAC maintenance, your professional should also swap out the filters in your furnace, air conditioner, and many other pieces of equipment. With a clean filter, your equipment will run more efficiently and the air quality  in your home will be much improved.

Work With an Expert To Save Energy For Your Home Comfort

Working from home does not have to equal higher energy bills or being uncomfortable. With these steps, you can ensure your family is safe and healthy while at home all day. Contact our experts for help making your home more energy-efficient.

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