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For a home with a furnace, the two most common fuel sources are oil or gas. Recently, there has been a rise in switching from oil to gas heat in Ontario, and a lot of the reasoning here comes down to the cost of heating oil.

As a leader in heating and cooling, RB Heating ClimateCare receives many questions about the oil vs. gas heat cost comparison. To give you a better idea of which is best for your home, we have compiled a list of the top 5 things you should know before making the switch.

1. Fuel Efficiency and Cost

One of the reasons so many Ontarians save money when switching from oil to gas heat is due to fuel efficiency. Natural gas furnaces impact your annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE rating, by changing more of the fuel source into heat. In short, gas furnaces have less waste than oil furnaces, meaning you pay less for more heat over time.

2. The Green Option

There is more benefit to fuel efficiency than the oil vs gas heat cost comparison alone. The cost of heating oil is more, sure, but what about the effect on the environment? When switching from oil to gas heat, Ontarians use less fuel to heat their homes. This diminishes fewer natural resources and pollutes the planet less in return.

Another option to improve eco-friendliness is biofuel. Biofuel is a mixture of standard heating oil and biodiesel. It removes the need for non-renewable resources as a source of fuel.

3. Breathe Cleaner

Another reason Ontarians are changing fuels despite the cost to switch from oil to gas heat is air quality. Air quality improves when you switch as there is a higher C02 emission from oil vs. gas. You will also find that there are fewer spills to clean up than with gas heat.

4. Less Maintenance

Gas furnaces make the cost to switch from oil to gas heat bearable in their absence of repeated servicing. Unlike oil furnaces, your gas furnace has less mess and fewer parts to maintain. They are also smaller in size. This means fewer visits from cooling and heating experts, and in turn, fewer maintenance fees.

Thinking of switching to gas heat? Get all the information you need from our experts at RB Heating ClimateCare today. Call us today!

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5. Give Your Home A Boost on the Market

Switching from oil to gas has many practical benefits as a homeowner, but there is also an advantage if you are planning to sell your home. As the popularity of gas heat increases, more Ontarians are looking to purchase homes with gas oil furnaces already installed. This means if you change your oil furnace to gas, you may increase the value of your home in the eyes of a buyer.

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If you are looking to switch to gas heating, contact our experts today. Our team will explain everything you need to know about switching from oil to gas heating.

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